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>> gretchen: we're about to wrap up another week of "fox & friends." we're going to put on our snowmobile suits and boots and gloves 'cause there is a huge blizzard coming. >> brian: governor mike huckabee is wearing snow shoes right now and he decides to walk in, he'll be here live over the weekend. >> steve: keep it tuned to fox and we'll have the "fox & friends" after the show show starting in one second. >> brian: jane me on the radio. >> the search continues for dorner. they still have aerial searches, ground searches and door-to-door searches going on. a lot of assistance from all of our neighboring counties and our police departments.
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we have k-9 units here. and so far, we have not located hip. >> auld hands on deck for law enforcement agencies expanding their search from the los angeles area a massive manhunt for a ex-officer shooting two officers and killing three people. they found 33-year-old chris dorner's pickup truck and tracks leading away from hit. good morning. i'm rick folbaum here for bill hemmer. >> i'm alisyn camerota in for martha maccallum. thousands of officers span out across three states and mexico they're patrolling off schools and ceiling off neighborhoods. let's listen. >> when i went to get the
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kids out of the school, there were fbi agents under cover. after i knew who they were i felt better. it was too close to home. it is kind of scary. rick: dominic, i understand officials closed schools because of the search? what is the latest? >> reporter: rick, absolutely. schools were expected to open today with pampbts deciding whether toe want to send kits back or not. authorities decided it is much safer if the schools stray closed for a second day. the search has continued overnight. sniffer dogs have been out and door-to-door searches looking for chris dorner but no sign of him yet. we're expecting aerial search to start at first light. the snow has not hampered the aerial effort. the san bernardino county sheriff describeses the operation underway. take a listen. >> the aerial, ground and search with k-9's is continuing. there was a question earlier
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about whether or not we found any tracks around the vehicle? i can tell you we did find some tracks around the vehicle but they did not lead to the suspect. >> reporter: police aren't saying whose tracks those were or indeed whether there were any tracks that indicated dorner headed in any specific direction. they're keeping that to themselves for the time-being the police have set up a series of roadblocks. there are three or four roads that go down the south side of the mountain and there are roadblocks for every single one of the roads. on the north side there is major road there and one roadblocked is manned. they are manned by the california highway patrol and the sheriff's department the on the way up i passed by multiple convoys and suvs and two men patrols around the neighborhoods on the mountain. they barricaded themselves very fearful with christopher dorner loose. more later. we're expecting a briefing 12:00 p.m. pacific time when
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the sheriff gives us an update on the effort. back to you. rick: dominic, i want to ask you about the weather. you said it has not been a problem now but it is expected to snow throughout the day. what do they say about the impact the snow may have on someone's ability to survive out in those elements? >> reporter: well we had two inches of snow last night. it is snowing heavily right now. we're expecting a snowstorm around 8:00 a.m. this morning. it will help the sniffer dogs. they work better in the snow conditions. it helps their nose senses and they will pick up the trail as a result of that. they don't seem the snowfall will be heavy enough to get in the way. a good sign helicopters will be up. i don't know f there equipped with thermal imaging. if they are it will help with the conditions. police say they will be able to keep up the effort. rick? rick: dominic di-natale, big bear lake. thanks.
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investigators investigating a manifesto posted on dorner's facebook page. he plans to bring, quote, unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in l.a.p.d. uniform. those are his words. he said he will use military and police training to go after the enemies. including a former college friend. fox's jonathan hunt spoke to sara. listen. >> i'm befuddled, absolutely befuddled. no one expects to come to work and have an e-mail from a reporter from "the los angeles times" telling me that i'm mentioned in a manifesto and that someone who i consider a friend has gone on a killing spree or allegedly gone on a killing spree. yeah i was absolutely befuddled and shocked. rick: l.a. police chief charlie beck dismisses the letter as self-serving and ramblings on the internet. >> another major story we're
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following. tens of millions of americans bracing for what could be a record-breaking blizzard. forecasters are warning up to three feet of snow could fall on parts of the northeast, shutting down roads, rates and of course airports. some 2600 flights have already been canceled. and that will cause problems at airports across the country. this is not just an east coast problem. as the snow begins to fall folks are raising to stock up on supplies fearing they could be without power for days. >> we don't want to take a chance losing power. it gets quite windy here. you can't really sleep at night. >> i'm afraid. i'm from pennsylvania. i'm not used to this much snow. >> you think it will be a lot? >> i do. >> this is a pretty dangerous storm we're looking at right now. we're concerned along the coast of a high tidal surges, particularly saturday morning, it will be a tough surge. alisyn: meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center. what are the latest models showing, janice? >> we'll see some serious
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storm surge along the coast, areas that suffered greatly from hurricane sandy. a lot of people are nervous because of the storm we got in october. i know my own husband was it withing in line for gas last night. people are concerned, yes. this will be, right now, an historic strm, if we get storm totals over three feet. look what is happening right now. we have a clipper system across the north and a storm that originated across the gulf coast. a lot of moisture here. so the snow that is going to fall will be back, breaking wet snow, not fluffy stuff. this will be very dangerous especially with people who have heart conditions. you don't want to be out there shoveling snow. make sure someone is out there for you. could be a problematic thing especially areas that will see one to two feet, even three feet. here is what we're looking at next hour or some mainly a rain event south of new york city. we have the rain-snow line. so that might cut back a little bit of the snow totals here in new york but we're still expecting close to a foot or more in new york city.
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north and west of the city that's where we're getting the snowe. ongoing snow for 12 to even 18 hours with relentless wind. this is a very, very powerful storm overnight tonight. so throughout the day today, things will start to deteriorate. the worst conditions overnight tonight, into tomorrow. we'll see power outages along the east coast most certainly with winds, 30, 40, 50 miles an hour. in some cases hurricane-force winds. we have a hurricane-force bind advisories all along the coast. snow pounds new england. some areas around boston, alisyn, over three feet. which would be historic for them. alisyn: i'm putting on my parka right now. >> the good side it is happening this weekend, all the kids are going. they're excited. alisyn: schools are closing in connecticut. >> we want people to be safe. alisyn: absolutely. thanks for the update. we'll check back in? >> okay. rick: well fallout over the
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president's controversial drone program. key lawmakers said to be considering a special court that would oversee these strikes. the possibility raised after john brennan, the president's pick to head the cia defended the drone program at his confirmation hearing. >> the president has insisted that any actions we take will be legally grounded, will be thoroughly anchored in intelligence. will have the appropriate review process, approval process before any action is contemplated including those actions that might involve the use of lethal force. rick: peter doocy is live in d.c. so, peter, tell us where the idea for these special courts has come from? >> reporter: rick, senators on both sides of the aisle are saying basically if the u.s. government is going to continue executing u.s. citizens with drone strikes there need to be some checks and balances in place to make sure the american being targeted is really associated with al qaeda and really can not be captured.
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to minimize the possibility of a lethal operation against an innocent person and the senate intelligence committee chair, senator dianne feinstein, says she thinks there will soon be a quote, new day of transparency? >> at one point it was a limited covert program. now everybody knows about it and i think we need to see that this program is really run according to the american constitution and according to law. >> reporter: brennan said yesterday he never believed it is better to kill a terrorist than to detain one for intelligence-gathering purposes. he also offered a new position on enhanced interrogation. in 2007 he said it saved lives but yesterday he said he personally objected to techniques like waterboarding when he was with the cia but never tried to prevent them because they were being used in a different part of the agency. rick? rick: peter, what about the nomination? where does that stand? >> reporter: it is really
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too soon to tell and the vice-chair of the senate intelligence committee said last night he thinks after all those hours in the hearing room there are still some senators who are not sold as john brennan as cia director. >> there are probably as many democrats that are not happy with him right now as there are republicans. so, i don't know. i know the president needs a cia director. i know that john brennan is a very knowledgeable person and we've got to just sift through what his answers were today. >> reporter: on tuesday brennan will sit with the senate armed services committee behind closed doors for the second part of his confirmation hearing, the classified part. at this point there is no definitive timetable for a floor vote to confirm him. rick? rick: peter doocy, live in washington. peter, thank you. alisyn: as you can see it is a very busy morning inside "america's newsroom." we're just getting started. we expect a police update on the desperate search for an ex-cop accused of killing three people as they focus
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on an area two hours outside of los angeles. we'll have the latest on the search and this entire developing story coming up. rick: also, did you hear about this? an investigation underway after a hacker got access to private e-mails and pictures sent between members of the bush family. we have the latest. alisyn: things getting intense on capitol hill thursday where lawmakers questioned more top officials about the benghazi terror attack. are we any closer to finding out exactly what happened? >> we could have had aircraft and other capabilities a short distance away as suda bay, create. so for you to testify before this committee that there were consistent with available threat estimates is simply false. >> i stand by my testimony. your dispute of it notwithstanding. measure happine? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful?
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rick: outgoing defense secretary leon panetta defending the administration's response during the benghazi terror attack during a senate committee yesterday. we covered it live. things were getting a little tense when senator lindsey graham asked mr. panetta a simple question. >> who was in charge in benghazi? were you in charge, secretary panetta? >> what do you mean in charge? >> as running the operation, trying to find a way to save our ambassador who was lost. trying to prevent our people from being killed? providing assistance to people who were underattack? >> i mean, it's not that simple. as you know. i think the people that were in charge with the people on the ground. >> would you say secretary clinton in charge. >> pardon me? >> was secretary clinton in charge. >> the people in charge, were the ambassador there at benghazi. >> no. but, they can't, you know, they were trying to save their lives. rick: richard grenell, a
6:18 am
former spokesperson for the last four u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. byron york, is chief political correspondent at the "washington examiner". gentlemen, good to see you both. rick, you first. you worked at a number of administrations. odd that the president himself would be so hands off while one of our consulates was under attack? >> yeah, very odd. i think it's, mitt romney was right. it really was a weak response from the president. he was off in vegas at a fund-raiser. the simple fact is, they took a couple pictures in the oval office where secretary panetta was briefing the president. but the president was hands off. the other thing we learned, secretary clinton was hand off. these employees that were under attack were state department employees. where was secretary clinton? she didn't know about the 9/11 cables coming in from ambassador stevens? now she we find out she wasn't even talking to her colleagues. this is more than just a lack of coordination. this is a lack of leadership.
6:19 am
and it's no wonder secretary panetta didn't know what leadership was or who was in charge. rick: byron, so the president was initially briefed according to secretary panetta's testimony yesterday. and then a long time passed before he got any updates. but, general dempsey said that the president's national security staff was being constantly updated. so top staff members were in the loop throughout the whole thing. good enough? >> probably not. i think up until yesterday this benghazi story had been about hillary clinton, about susan rice, about the state department. yesterday it became about president obama. and the question was, where was he, after having a prescheduled meeting in the afternoon on that day, secretary panetta spoke to him no more. i think what became clear with lindsey graham's questioning about possible military activity is that nobody in the pentagon would have ordered military act ship without a specific order from the president. and the president wasn't around. rick: i want do ask you both, we have about a minute and a half left.
6:20 am
another story came out of these hearings. that is the president himself, rick, himself opposed a plan that was supported by pretty much everybody else in his administration, to try to arm the rebels in syria. what do you make of that? >> you know i think it's remarkable that his team was really recommending that we needed to do something to support what was happening there and identify the opposition, the right opposition and then try to give them some sort of military support. and the president said no. i think this goes back to exactly who he is and what he believes the inate, positive, good of people. i think he doesn't understand, the president doesn't understand, this is a dangerous world and that we need to take sides to make sure that the right people are the ones who take hold in syria. it is the same thing that happened in egypt. really the same thing that is happening throughout all of the arab spring. rick: byron, your reaction. what does this tell us about
6:21 am
our commander-in-chief? >> it tells us he is very cautious. the question is always, who are the right people to turn it over to? the united states intervened, for example, in libya which seems to have no government at all which in part resulted in the benghazi we were just talking about. i think the president did show a lot of caution. he did overrule secretary of defense, secretary of state and other top officials who wanted to do this but it shows the inate caution of this president after libya. rick: byron york, rick grenell, gentlemen, thank you both. >> thank you. alisyn: all right. coming up a nation divided? what new polls say about the mood of americans as president obama is set to give his state of the union address. rick: also, concerns about drones, not just overseas but actually here in america too. raising privacy issues. we'll introduce you to a lawmaker from texas who wants the nation's toughest laws on drones on the books in his state. he will join us live. many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste. but they have to use special care
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rick: a wild story. a criminal investigation underway after someone hacked into the bush family's private e-mails. we understand the hacker got ahold of e-mails connected to president h.w. bush. they include pictures and addresses and cell phone numbers, personal details about members of the bush family. even details about the former president's recent hospitalization back at the end of the last year. we'll have much more on this story in a live report coming up in the next hour. alisyn: well, the middle east is on edge today. riot police in egypt and tunisia, bracing for more violence. protests have been happening there as you can see after friday prayers following the assassination after popular opposition leader in tunisia. remember, that was the birthplace of the arab spring two years ago. fox's's conor powell is live
6:26 am
from jerusalem. conor, do we know why this tunisian opposition leader was murdered? >> reporter: he was an outspoken critic of the ruling muslim brotherhood party in tunisia. he was a leading figure in the arab spring revolution two years ago. on wednesday he was gunned down by an unknown assailant in front of his house. recently a muslim cleric in tunisia called for a -- his supporters turned out in thousands for his death. blamed the ruling muslim government for his death. although the tunisia prime minister denies it. he promised a full investigation and to catch those responsible for the murder. alisyn: do we have answer wlormt this assassination will spark more violence? >> reporter: we've already seen three days of violence and protest in tunisia and clashes with the police. and their main demand of the protesters, that the conservative islamic government steps down in tunisia. in tunisia we've seen muslim
6:27 am
clerics call for opposition leaders to be killed. is far it hasn't happened in egypt yet but the egyptian government is promising more police and support and protection for opposition figures. given the problems in the country it is very possible we could see some type of attack on opposition leaders and both of these countries are coming out of a difficult political transition that have often been more violent than democratic. alisyn. alisyn: a real tinderbox there of tension. conor powell, thanks for the update. rick: coming up after the break, a troubling sign as the president prepares to deliver his state of the union address. a new poll showing that half the country thinks america is weaker than before the president took office. we'll have a panel and we'll ask them why. alisyn: the west coast is on edge at this hour as at search continues for a heavily-armed former cop. he is believed to behind a murderous rampage. police are desperate to find him before he hurt anyone else. >> i hope they get this guy before somebody else gets
6:28 am
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rick: fox news alert now out of los angeles where thousands of police officers are working round-the-clock in a desperate attempt to find this man a former colleague of theirs, suspected of killing three people including a policeman. investigators expanding their search now to three states. also to mexico where heavily
6:32 am
armed officers are patrolling highways and talking to drivers on the roads. william la jeunesse is live in l.a. so, william, talk to us about this man, dorner's motivation. >> reporter: well you know, rick, throughout much of his life christopher dorner played the victim and blamed other people for his troubles. his biggest disappointment was getting fired from the l.a.p.d. in 2009. here is what happened. in 2007 he was undergoing training that his supervisor, a woman, teresa, evans, said she would write him up and pull him from the field because of bad judgement and performance. well, it was about two weeks later that the two were called out to a scene and dorner claims that evans kicked a suspect while he was still in handcuffs. internal affairs launches an investigation. they find that he had lied. while one, the father of the victim supported dorner's story, the medical evidence and other witnesses did not. he appealed. he lost.
6:33 am
he went to court. he lost again. and he claims that the department ruined his reputation and vowed revenge. >> that case was thoroughly adjudicate. it was reviewed at multiple levels. it went to the ultimate form of review in the l.a.p.d., a board of rights. where a, two command officers and a civilian representative hear the entirety of the case as represented by an attorney and make a judgment. >> reporter: dorner basically says his manifesto that he was slander didded and liabled and l.a.p.d. ruined his reputation. the killing will stuff when they apologize. chief beck says that is not going to happen. rick? rick: he has a hit list apparently as part of this man foes toe. what do we know about that? who might be on it and who might be next? >> reporter: he says in the manifesto he praises some people and blames others for ruining his life including 40 l.a.p.d. people. evans of course. and one ironically is the
6:34 am
ex-cop turned lawyer who defended him against the department. it was last sunday he killed randy quan's daughter and her fiance. then he went to the house of one of these 40 officers that he holds, holds responsible for his troubless. that is where he got into a shootout with l.a.p.d. protecting the house. then he indiscrimminantly killed two riverside police officers at a traffic light and killed them. he is well-trained, well-armed. he is ex-navy intelligence. he knows how to evade people. he knows not to use his credit cards or cell phone. many people believe setting fire to the truck up in big bear, yesterday. that was a diversion if you will. the guy hasn't shown up. they look for 18 hours or more. god only knows where he will turn up and when. back to you. rick: william la jeunesse live for us in los angeles. william, thank you. alisyn: onto the state of our country now. there are some brand new fox polls that show americans
6:35 am
believe our country is weaker now than it was before president obama took office. 4% of the respondents think we're weaker than we wereo. 24% say america is stronger and more powerful. let's debate the findings. mary katharine ham, editor-at-large at julie roginsky, former political advisor to new jersey senator frank lautenering about. both are fox news contributors. ladies, thanks so much for being here. mary katherine, let me start with you, 48% of the respondents think we're weaker now than we were five years ago. that is twice as many as those that think we're stronger . what do you think is going on here? >> i think lowered expectations are sort of a theme for the first obama four years and, he did get reelected but that does not mean he has supreme confidence in the american people. i think you see that coming through in a lot of these numbers. and you know, frankly people look around them. even though the unemployment rate, for instance is the same as when he took office,
6:36 am
the bureau of labor statistics says we lost 8.5 million people from the workforce. people see that in their lives. alisyn: julie, how do you explain that people think we're getting weaker? >> first and foremost this poll was done, five years ago, bear stearns had yet to collapse. that was march of 2008. lehman brothers, which tanked the economy long lasko lapsed in september. the economy five years ago was hopping along fairly well. the collapse was yet to come. i feel much better, i felt much better five years ago certainly than i do today. everything was yet to come. 2008 hadn't unfolded in all the horror yet so it makes sense. to mary katherine's point, they are exhausted. this malaise with people in washington in general. alisyn: you make a great point, that you know, we lived through a lot in these past five years but this next part of the poll shows that optimism is also really down about the future, not just what we weathered but about the future. 40% think the worst is over now.
6:37 am
whereas 52% think that the worst is yet to come. your thoughts, mary katherine? >> well, this is an interesting point. she's right, but yes, the collapse, the big collapse had not at that point. you could argue we're stronger than we were right after that point. if you look at these numbers, the 52-40 for the worst is yet to come, this is worse than 2011 although it is slightly better than 2009. so people are on the down slope here, not -- they're not feeling the recovery obama is telling us we're having. alisyn: julie, are we just now a nation of pessimists? >> are you surprised? we're lurching from crisis to crisis in washington. fiscal cliff. we have sequester crisis. there is no vision. we have a government completely paralyzed. no wonder. i'm bummed. everybody seems to be bummed. we have leadership in washington that seems nonexistent. we have a noncooperative congress. we have a government that can't get out of its own way. people look what is going on
6:38 am
in the news and understand it is depressing to see what our leaders are up to while the rest of us are struggling. alisyn: the last question we'll focus on features that, which is, what is the problem and how do we get out of our own way? it asks whether or not the u.s., if you think the, the respond dend if they think the u.s. has a spending problem? basically said president obama reportedly told john boehner that no, it does not, we do not have a spending problem. at least that is according to john boehner. so 83% of the problem say, yes we do have a spending problem. only 14% say, no, we don't. mary katherine, any surprise? >> i'm not surprised. the president is fond of saying that the american people are with him on any given issue he happens to be working on. in this case they're not with him. 83% believe there's a spending problem. i think that is the case. we would not be lurching from cries sis to crisis as democrats in the senate are law fully required to do would write a budget they haven't done in last three years. maybe they will.
6:39 am
we'll see. look at leadership in washington. he is the top. he says washington can fix your problems. get on it. alisyn: julie, what do you think?. >> if you were king like you guys to pretend. >> he likes to kill americans. >> we can get in drone strikes lay utter. i don't agree with drone strikes. if you think is imperial president he can wave a magic wand. he is dealing with a senate constantly filibustered by the republicans. he is dealing with a house that is constantly intransget. alisyn: do you think this country has a spending problem and he is doing something about it. >> the president says we have a long-term spending problem we need to address, in this economy, in its very fragile recovery we absolutely can not cut and cut and cut. we see from examples of europe, ireland, england, other places have strong austerity measures. they tanked their own recovery. he is keynesian. he is completely different philosophy of those in the house who disagree on the
6:40 am
keynesian principles. american people elected him president and elected democratic senate. >> we have four years of 'canes. this is where he are. >> we have not had four years of 'canes. we had four years of ob instruction by the republican. >> mary katharine ham, julie roy begins ski. thank you for the debate. rick: coming up concerns about the drones over u.s. skies. you heard a debate on that. we'll talk with a lawmaker who wants to make it illegal to use a drone to monitor private property without permission or a warrant. alisyn: a new effort to stop people from living in abandoned hopes as one famous squatter gets kicked to the curb. ♪ here these days.
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alisyn: some important news for you now on a story we've been following. the pack stamp any teenager shot in the head by the taliban because she wanted to go to school and spoke out on girls rights. she was just released from the hospital in the u.k. 15-year-old malala had reconstructive surgeries over the weekend. she is an international symbol for freedom. she is using her survival to push for women's education. she was nominated for the nobel peace prize this year as well as "time"'s person of the year. rick: drones, they're not welcome in seattle. the city's democratic mayor ordering the police department to abandon its use or planned use for them following protests from people there. and privacy advocates. seattle's police department had purchased two drones. they hadn't used them yet, pending approval from the faa well, speaking of drones, and privacy concerns, a law maker in texas wants to ban them from taking pictures of homes and other private property. but there is already a big
6:45 am
effort to stop that measure. lance gooden is the state representative behind the bill. he joins us live this morning. good to see you. thank you very much for joining us, representative gooden. thanks for joining us this morning. what are you proposing? >> two things. we're not trying to get rid of drones. we're simply saying drones can not take pictures or film over texans private property without their permission. the other thing it does, if governmental agencies or law enforcement will use drones they need a search warrant or need to respond to an emergency or someone's life needs to be in danger or need on the border with border security. aside from that drones have not business taking pictures of right citizens enjoying their private report. rick: if the bill you have written what is punishment for anyone breaking the law. >> it is a misdemeanor offense. it is another offense and say they capture images or put it on the internet and or used against you in some way. rick: as far as getting a search warrant, you carved out examples where drone use
6:46 am
is necessary and permissible, even with the law that you would like to have enacted? >> right. the hobbyists i think worried we're trying to take away drones or make them illegal. we're not trying to do that. if you're enjoying a drone. going over at parks or using research for reasonable purposes we don't want to affect you. we're simply saying you need to be careful if you're using a drone over private property and citizens have a reasonable expectation of privacy. this legislation simply says that the government shouldn't be surveilling us indiscrimminantly at all hours of the day just because they want to. they need a search warrant. enthusiasts need to be careful if they're pursuing their hobby. rick: you mentioned the hobbyists and researchers. they have come out against this legislation and one of them says it is written so broadly it doesn't really discriminate between a creep, for example, who would be trying to, you know, eavesdrop on somebody's privacy versus someone who was a hobbyist, or who was a
6:47 am
researcher using this for completely harmless purposes. >> yeah. we're going to work on that before it hits the floor of the house of representatives in a few months. this is a starting point and we wanted to start a discussion in texas. i was shocked when i filed this that no one had even filed legislation. we haven't even talked about it in texas. just now it seems in the last few weeks the national conversation started and i'm worried about hobbyists thinking that we're trying to take away their hobby. but i'm more worried about private property rights and privacy and making sure that texans are able to sleep at night and go out in their backyard whether having a barbecue or just enjoying the day knowing they're not being watched. rick: you don't normally members of the tea party and the aclu on the same side of an issue but they really are in this case, both? support of legislation that you're proposing and laws that have been proposed in other states. we mentioned seattle a moment ago. there are about almost a
6:48 am
dozen states around the country that are considering similar types of bills. as we head to the future with drones and drone technology, and we've seen them, we've been showing pictures of some of the mini drones that are in use right now, do you foresee a time when people, everybody will have their own drone? you see that happening? >> i do. i think if we're not careful we're going to be in a situation where we're just accepting of drones flying above and filming our every move. things are getting so cheaper. kind of like flat-screen tvs. 15 years ago they were crazy expensive. now they're very cheap. drones are heading in that direction. we don't have a serious drone problem today but it is very difficult to pass a bill when you have a huge drone lobby fighting against you. today we don't have that. today we don't have drones watching our every move but we're heading in that direction. they're getting cheaper. you can buy them almost at a toy store. the more expensive they are the higher quality they are and they're getting cheaper as time passes and i think
6:49 am
we need to act now along, with other states across the country to make sure that we don't have a problem that we can't solve in years to come. rick: lance gooden is a state lawmaker. he is a state representative down in texas. he joins us live this morning. nice to talk to you. thank you very much for your time. >> appreciate it. thank you. alisyn: rick, remember when the power went out at the super bowl? rick: yes. alisyn: we now have an answer. the power company says the cause of the super bowl blackout was a faulty relay device? rick: what's that? alisyn: i'm not quite sure. it was installed to prevent a failure of electrical cables. rick: of course it was. alisyn: you remember of course the power went out in half of the stadium for 34 minutes, stopping play between the san francisco 49ers and the baltimore ravens. of course the ravens were able to maintain their lead and pulled off a victory despite a 49ers brief comeback. as you know a lot of people speculated it was beyonce that blew the power out with her hot performance. now we know the real truth. rick: now we know the truth. i thought it was to add some drama. as you said once the lights
6:50 am
came back on, san francisco started to come back. alisyn: right. rick: it was exciting. made for a little excitement. you don't usually get that in the super bowl. alisyn: nobody pulled the plug out. that was the theory. rick: like the movie. rick: airplane. i'm kidding. >> there are new concerns about the american pastor you know so much about. he has been sentenced to eight years in a iranian prison. why saeed abed denny's family is worried about his health coming up. rick: thousands of flights have been canceled as a potentially historic storm closes in in the northeast. we'll tell you what to expect. that's coming up. >> that is i'm really glad it is on a weekend. maybe have enough food, candles, flashlights, stuff like that. so there is a couple things we're getting ready for. i think we'll be all right. you have to plan ahead. a couple of feet of snow would shut everything down. who knows, it could be a couple days, right? [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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rick: thanks for joining us on a friday morning. developing right now in america's news room, at least 31 people have been killed, dozens more injured when four car bombs explode at two outdoor markets in iraq. they targeted predominantly shiite areas in baghdad and south of the capital. the navy says budget cuts could mean fewer ships deployed to fewer places and could face less time at sea. nasa's curiosity rover drilling into the red planet for the very first time, digging a small hole some .8 of an inch deep. while small, nasa is saying it is a major test of the curiosity's ability to dig into the martian your fast.
6:55 am
-- surface. alisyn: well there's a new push in florida to get rid of an old law meant to improve neighborhoods but instead is being used by squatters taking advantage of the housing crisis. thanks to the law, the law tried to keep people from becoming homeless but some squatters have been able to live it up in mansions for free. including one man who they called loki boy, who became famous writing about his exploits online. steve harrigan is live in boca raton, florida. there are big developments involve this man they call loki boy. what is the latest? >> reporter: that's right, alice sin. he got international attention squatting with seven other people inside this $2.5 million mansion behind me is now gone. the iron gate is open but new locks are on the door. police moved in 1:00 p.m. yesterday. several cars. police went in and saw no sign of loki boy inside but found a lot of garbage which they hauled out. they're here with
6:56 am
bank of america officials. that is the people who actually own this mansion. they issued a statement which says we appreciate the assistance of local authorities and the patience of neighbors as we have worked to have the trespassers removed. as far as loki boy's location, police say they don't know where he is. they are not looking for hill. there is no warrant for his arrest. allison. alisyn: low can i boy seems to vanished he lives on online and with all the publicity he has gotten. >> reporter: that's right. that publicity create ad series of copycat squatters trying to use the same obscure florida law from the 1800's. one bigger than this one on the ocean the a four million dollar mansion has people in it now. when you talk to local property appraisers from the county they're not happy about this new activity. >> they're scumbags. they're scumbags. they're squatters. they're breaking the law. and they're trying to use these forms to legitimatize breaking and entering. >> reporter: for two months
6:57 am
loki boy was able to squat here successfully. there was really no activity by the police who call it a civil matter the right now we do have private security as well as police. they're out front to make sure loki boy does not return. alice skin. alisyn: that official was plainspoken about her desire for them not to come back. steve harrigan, thank you. rick: coming up a manhunt for one of their own. a former cop heavily armed, bent on revenge and now wanted in the murder of three people concluding one police officer. alisyn: where police are now focusing their search this morning. we'll tell you. >> the areas are accessible by foot and then they're being searched by ground units. if it requires somebody with more technical expertise like maybe search-and-rescue personnel, then those areas are probably being searched by our aerial units.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
7:01 am
alisyn: our top story, two big storms colliding today to create a monster blizzard that is now closing in on the northeast. and it could be one for the record books. the number of people has been upgraded to 50 million who are in its path. it is a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm alisyn camerota in for martha maccallum today. rick: i'm rick folbaum in for bill hemmer. this is historic snow already falling across the northeast. seven states are under a blizzard warning right now with up to three feet of snow expected in some parts. blowing, blinding snow is expected. people are already stocking up on supplies. >> just panic shopping. so bread, milk, a snow shovel, in case our snow shovel breaks because we do everything by hand and don't get a plow in and, some of it is quite heavy. so, snow shovels do break.
7:02 am
rick: anna kooiman is live outside our studios here in new york city. so, anna, what's going on outside right now and talk about the preparations? >> reporter: conditions are certainly beginning to worsen, rick, i can tell you that much. residents here and transportation officials as well as emergency crews across the northeast are preparing for this year's biggest snowstorm and it is expected to bring whiteout conditions which will cause a lot of problems as well as widespread power outages. school officials across the northeast and in upstate new york and new england are not taking any chances. they're canceling classes and warning people to stay home. salt trucks are out, pretreating roadways before conditions worsen. amtrak is suspending service between boston and new york this afternoon. people in the path of the storm are stocking up on food, water, batteries and medications but they're taking it in stride. >> we live in new england. you plan for the best. >> spring break is in three weeks.
7:03 am
lying on a beach, three weeks in the sun will definitely get me threw it. >> reporter: the worst of the storm is expected to begin tonight. the highest wind and most snow piling up tonight and into tomorrow, rick. rick: folks up in new england, even here in new york are used to dealing with harsh winter weather but how about the rest of the country? how prepared is america's biggest city just three months after superstorm sandy? >> reporter: right, the ripple effect could be huge. new york city is saying we are certainly prepared for the storm but flooding always is a main concern especially for the areas left vulnerable following superstorm sandy. they're more vulnerable to the high winds and that storm surge. here in the big apple, they have 250,000 tons of salt on standby as well as 1800 snowplows. new york city transportation authority is preparing to use superpowered snow throwers in an effort to keep the trains running smoothly. new york's governor, andrew cuomo is setting up at noon today his emergency operations center.
7:04 am
rick, that is really to coordinate all the relief efforts. back to you. rick: anna kooiman, live in midtown manhattan. new york city. anna thank you. alisyn: as you can imagine this major snowstorm is paralyzing air travel. that affects people across the country not just on the east coast. airlines have canceled more than 3 thou flights today. this man hoping to fly from phoenix to boston, well, he is not going anywhere for days. >> our initial flight was canceled. we're trying to get on standby for saturday and, earliest flight we could get booked on is monday morning. alisyn: that is tortuous. one forecaster warning wherever you need to get to, get there by friday afternoon and do not plan on leaving. rick: on the ground drivers taking no chances. in connecticut they're filling up their gas tanks, getting ready before the storm hits. >> i'm on my way home and we figured it was the smart thing to do. >> we have another vehicle to go and get and gas that one up and go home and cuddle in and get to know
7:05 am
each other again. >> you bringing in liquid gold to this gas station? >> that's what it seemed like at the time. 12,000 gallons we put in today. rick: that is popular guy, delivering gasoline. many gas stations are reporting they are all run out. so we'll follow that. alisyn: oh, my gosh. there are blizzard warnings now in effect for seven states. experts say this could be among the top 10 snowstorms that new england has seen since we started keeping records. that is saying a lot, janice dean. you're live in the fox extreme weather center tracking this storm. tell us what the records say? >> well maybe top five, alisyn. some cases west of the boston area we could get 30 inches of snow. time will tell certainly. but looking at top five, the last time we had over two feet was 10 years ago. we certainly easily could top two feet. in some cases we could actually reach historic proportions. we'll watch that we have two systems. a classic nor'easter setup
7:06 am
for february. we have a clipper system across the northern tier. we have a system packing a lot of gulf moisture. it originated in the gulf and it is creeping up towards the carolinas. both systems have yet to come together. the worst of the storm will come in the overnight hours with the snow and winds that will be relentless in some cases for 12 to 18 hours. 23 million people are under a blizzard warning right now. that should telling you something. anywhere shaded in red those are blizzard warnings. we could see wind gusts over 35 miles an hour for an extended length of time. we could see snowdrifts up to four feet. travel will be crippled into night and overnight into tomorrow morning as well. hunker down, stay close and get to note one another as our lady we just heard the lady talking about at the gas station. sustained winds, this is what we're talking about for hours and hours. so close to 50 miles an hour all along the coast. we could see wind gusts in
7:07 am
excess of hurricane force. certainly that could cause power outages, trees down. travel will be crippled, crippled into the evening and into the overnight hours for all of these cities you see all along the east coast. so weill certainly keep you updated. a very dangerous system. one good news it is happening over the weekend. people can get home and they can stay there until the storm is over. alisyn: that is good news. you know it is bad when you break boston's records. it snows there almost every day as far as i recall. >> they're ready for the big storm. alisyn: to park the car outside. thanks so much, janice. >> okay. rick: shifting dpeers now, and a fox news alert on a massive manhunt for a fugitive ex-police officer turned suspected murderer and cop killer. for nearly a full day now police locking down a mountain resort where yesterday they found christopher dorner's burned out truck. weather conditions are getting worse. hundreds of police officers
7:08 am
are going door-to-door. roadblocks are in place. local schools and businessed are closed today. police say they may be the target as dorner's rambling manifesto online is out for revenge against law enforcement. >> he essentially communicated his sense that the people with whom he had a grievance were fair game and so were their families and so were any other police officers on or off-duty. rick: rod wheeler, a former d.c. homicide deck i have it. he is a fox news contributor, rod, i'm so glad to talk to you about this story which has so many people troubled not only in california but across the country. i heard you say many times when you're looking for someone that first 20 hour window is very important. we're about to slip out of that right now. what does that tell us? >> it tells us this guy has been very evasive, rick up to this point. there is new information that just came out, i'm not sure if you heard, the fbi searched a search warrant yesterday at this guy's
7:09 am
residence which is located not far from the las vegas strip. what is really interesting, they didn't find this guy there obviously but they did take out several boxes according to witnesses that was there of information, possible evidence. so it will be very interesting to learn what the fbi in fact found at his residence in las vegas, rick. rick: you know, with the military, with the police training that this guy has he is a lot smarter than your typical fugitive, right? >> this is true. this is right. this guy has been in law enforcement for a period of time. he has been in the military. look, let me tell you this guy is an expert shot, he is a expert shooter. he has a lot of artillery. the guy reached a boiling point. as a result of that the guy decided to go berserk. i think that is why he is doing what he doing but he is very dangerous. this guy is extremely dangerous as we all know and that's why they have to find this guy hopefully sometime today, rick. rick: talk to us about the truck that was found at this ski resort, big bear mountain. it was burned out. some people say it looked like it was pushed off some
7:10 am
kind of a cliff there. there is the videotape of it. william la jeunesse was reporting a little while ago, a lot of people in law enforcement feel this was diversionary tactic on the part of suspect. what do you think? >> well it is possible. it could have been a diversion. although i honestly believe, rick, that that guy, chris, is still up in the area the big bear mountain area. here's the thing. there hasn't been any new reports of vehicles stolen in that area recently. that is the first thing police are checking. we're finding out whether or not anybody was carjacked in the area. that is that hasn't happened. we're trying find out if he had any vehicles rented recently. parked in the area. burned up the truck. dumb -- jumped into other vehicle and took off. i honestly think the guy is on foot somewhere up in the big bear mountains, probably hiding out in one of those homes up there. rick: he felt he was wrongly fired from the police force. he had been fighting that for years and exhausted all
7:11 am
of his appeals. should someone have known this was someone who could have snapped as a result of the grievance? should there have been a red flag on this guy? >> absolutely, rick there is always warnings signs. you and i talked about these kind of cases for years. there is always warning signs leading up to this let me share this with you and the viewers. i clearly understand mr. dorner's concerns and his grievance. understanding how police departments operate, intricacies of police departments. the thing is you can't take, the feelings that you have and resort to violence. you can't do that. he did. he felt like he was at a point of no return. his back was up against the wall. that is why he is doing what he is doing now, rick. rick: great insight from rod wheeler. rod, thanks so much. >> sure, thank you, rick. alisyn: we'll have much more on this manhunt later this hour. we'll talk to someone named in dorner's chilling manifesto. what does he say about this suspect? rick: plus why the american pastor sentenced to eight years in a notorious iranian
7:12 am
prison known for being very brutal he says he is afraid supporters have abandon him. alisyn: top pentagon leaders saying for the first time the defense department backed the idea of providing weapons to the opposition groups in syria. and they revealed who in the administration was against that plan. >> did you support the recommendation by secretary of state, then secretary of state clinton and then head of cia general petraeus, that we provide weapons to the resistance in syria? did you support that. >> we did. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons
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rick: overseas a suspected terror attack sparking chaos in southern pakistan. a roadside bomb, killing at least one police officer, injuring at least eight others. explosive experts says the devices with filled with ball bearings making it a extremely deadly weapon. it was believed to be remotely triggered to
7:16 am
explode when the police were driving by. so far no group has claimed responsibility. alisyn: new details on the u.s.'s role in syria's long and deadly civil war. while testifying before a senate committee, outgoing defense secretary leon panetta revealed exactly who was against arming the syrian rebels. let's watch. >> make sure i understood what you said about syria. both of awe fry wed with petraeus and clinton we should start looking at military assistance in syria, is that correct? >> that was our position. i do want to say, senator, that obviously there were a number of factors involved here that ultimately led to the president's decision to make it nonlethal. alisyn: chris wallace is the anchor of "fox news sunday." hi, chris. >> hey, how are you, ali? alisyn: i'm well. that was an interesting revelation and headline yesterday where leon panetta explained that he and secretary of state then hillary clinton and general david petraeus all thought they should arm the rebels
7:17 am
in syria but the president didn't want to. what do you make of that revelation? >> well it is very interesting. we had known for some time that last summer, late summer, early fall, when the u.n.'s diplomatic efforts, kofi annan, the former secretary-general fell apart, that david petraeus, then the director of the cia and hillary clinton, the secretary of state, came up with the idea that the u.s. should begin to arm the rebels because it became clear the civil war was going to continue. what we didn't know until yesterday was that that proposal then went to the pentagon and the secretary of defense and top military man, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey also agreed with that. the proposal went to the white house. but you know what? the president, there is only one vote that counts. that is the commander-in-chief. he said no. he is not going to do it. really quite stunning. he overruled his entire national security team. alisyn: it sounds like he decided to do that because he thought that the information they had couldn't be trusted in terms
7:18 am
of arming the rebels with weapons. who were the rebels. could they be trusted with these weapons. but it is fascinating to see how decisions are made indecide the white house, right? it sounds like the president keeps his own counsel. >> he certainly listened to all of them and heard them out and we don't know what other people inside the white house's national security advisor, tom donilon said. i don't know if it was a matter of information. it is just a question of balancing. on the one hand, yes you want to stop the bloodshed and you want to bring down the assad regime. on the other hand there are concerns and i think that panetta indicated he shares those concerns about the fact that some islamic jihadists members of al qaeda offshoots, have become involved in the rebel movement. if you're arming rebels, do you end up arming them? how do you vet who is going to get the arms? they drew the line. the national security team, you know, on one side which is to come down on the side
7:19 am
of arming the rebels. the president didn't and he's the only one whose vote really counts. alisyn: now in hindsight is interesting to see, it has been so long and protracted, this civil war there. it has been so deadly and what would have happened had the rebels been given weapons. it is also interesting to see there was a divide between secretary of state hillary clinton and how she would have handled it had she been the decisionmaker and president obama. >> well, look, it was already a bloody situation then. it has only gotten even worse. at least 60,000 people have been killed in the civil war. an estimated according to the u.n., 7 to 800,000 people have fled the country. gone to turkey, gone to jordan, gone to lebanon. greg palkot has been doing some terrific reporting from turkey. he went into a ref goo knee camp on the border. we have a report, 13,000 people. not like a refugee camp, it
7:20 am
is like a small town. so the bloodshed and the carnage and upheaval. in fact this is threatening some of those countries in the middle east like jordan and lebanon to have this huge influx of refugees. so, you know, the question still maintains because the civil war continues, should we be arming the regular bells? i'm sure it is something the president has to decide every day. alisyn: you have a big show coming up on sunday. you will talk to john mccain. you will have nancy pelosi on. what will you talk to her about? >> we'll have john mccain talk about national security. nancy pelosi, of course the president's state of the union address is tuesday. he will lay out his agenda for the second term. we'll have an exclusive interview with house democratic leader nancy pelosi who agrees with the president's agenda. whether it is immigration reform or gun control or the president's opposition to the sequestration and his solution which is, some spending cuts. but also, some serious tax increases. we'll talk with nancy pelosi about that on sunday. alisyn: all right. chris. we'll be watching. thanks a lot. >> you bet. thanks, ali.
7:21 am
rick: one of america's most prominent families falling victim to a hacking attack. personal e-mail accounts of former president george h.w. bush and his family broken into. the fallout from this violation of their privacy next. alisyn: and new information on a massive weapons shipment that was intercepted on the high seas heading to yemen. details on who may have sent those weapons and why.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
alisyn: the nation's roman catholic bishops rejecting the obama administration's new version of the health care law contraception
7:25 am
mandate. the bishops said it does not offer enough safeguards for religious hospitals, colleges and charities that objected to providing such coverage to employees. they're asking for exemption for owners of for-profit businesses because it forces them to violate their religious beliefs. the bishops will continue fighting the federal mandate in court. rick: a hacker getting access to the personal e nails of the -- e-mails of bush family and posting confidential information online. now a criminal investigation is underway. the secret service is involved. molly henneberg is live in d.c.. what kind of information was put up on the web? >> reporter: hi, rick. private family photos, personal e-mails, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, home addresses all said to be obtained from hacked e-mails going back to 2009 according to the smoking gun website. the smoking gun said it got material from the hacker. pictures include this one
7:26 am
much president george w. bush posing with a cardboard cuttout of himself. and one of president clinton and george h.w. bush. a spokesperson for the elder george bush put out a statement today saying he had, quote, nothing beyond the fact there is a criminal investigation and we have no comment. you may remember that something similar happened to former republican vice-presidential candidate sarah palin in 2008. her yahoo! account was hacked and photos and e-mails were posted o on line on the wikileaks website. the hacker in that case was eventually discovered, tried and sentenced to a year in prison. rick? rick: what a major invasion of privacy for the bush family. what do we know about who is behind this? >> well the only thing we have right now is the word, guccifer. printed on the hacked pictures. the smoking gun says it has core responded via e-mail with the hacker who says he hacked, quote, hundreds of accounts that the government has been investigating him for a long time and that
7:27 am
this is quote, just another chapter in the game. rick? rick: molly henneberg live in washington for us. molly, thanks so much. alisyn: california police are fearing for their lives and that of their families as they search for a fugitive ex-cop a armed and dangerous triple murder suspect who is armed and dangerous. we'll talk to a former homicide detective who was named in the suspect's angry manifesto. rick: a winter storm that could make history. tens of millions are bracing for a huge blizzard as one governor is telling people to get off the roads. >> the latest forecast in the most heavily populated areas of the commonwealth there may be as much as 2 1/2 feet of snow. the national weather service is forecasting blizzard conditions the rate of snowfall and reduced visibility during the even rush hour will make safe travel nearly impossible. [ mal] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do.
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7:31 am
$. rick: fox news alert on a massive manhunt for an armed and dangerous expolice officer suspected in a killing spree. christopher dorner may be on the loose in a mountain resort area, a couple of hours outside of l.a. right now police and sniffer dogs are searching for him. waddominique d-natali live. you just got word that the air search has been called off. >> reporter: yes, you can see the snow falling heavily right now. the temperature is 21 degrees at
7:32 am
the moment, could fall as low as 14 degrees later on in the day they are saying. i'll set the theme for you here, you can see at big bear lake we are by the command center. it is lined with a ton of media, in the far distance you might be able to see the patrol car. we see patrol cars coming to and froe. there are more police officers turning um for duty. we have a combination of both the local sheriff's department and also the california highway control manning a series of roads off the mountain just in case christopher dorner tries to take a vehicle and exit that way. the ground search, however, will continue today, even though the helicopters will not be going up, and that is the case of the sniffer dogs being sent down again. there were sniffer dog patrols overnight and door to door searches because of the conditions, even though dorner was trained in the military, in the navy and the lapd. it will be very hard to survive out in the open in these conditions.
7:33 am
so they believe that he may have actually broken into one of the many cabins scattered on the mountains inside here and seeking shelter there. that's the case why the door to door search is absolutely essential going forward. the public information officer was describing just how the search efforts are underway. take a listen. >> they still have aerial searches, ground searches and door to door searches going on. a lot of assistance from all of our neighboring counties and our police departments. we have canine units here, and so far we have to the located him. >> reporter: it is going to be tricky to locate him. it's going to get tougher and absolutely tougher. just the past few minutes weave bean speaking the wind has picked up and the snow is coming down a lot heavier than it was a
7:34 am
few minutes ago. rick. rick: thank you. alisyn: for more on this we have a former lapd officer who was actually named in the suspect's rambling manifesto. let's bring in mark fuhrman, a fox news contributor. i want to read this portion of the manifesto to you. in it the suspect says that he was the recipient of racial slurs when he worked for the lapd. he brings up rodney king and he mentions you. here is that portion of the manifesto. the department has not changed from the darrell gets and mark fuhrman days. those officers are still employed and have all been promoted to command staff and supervisory positions. i will correct this error. are you aware that an officer seen on the rodney king videotape striking mr. king multiple times with a baton on 3-3-91 is still employed pie the lapd and is now a captain on the police department? mark, your response? >> well when you look at this. i mean the manifesto shows that
7:35 am
he has turned psychototic and quite possibly had some kind o mental issue to begin with. but when you hear his rantings in this manifesto he is striking out in all directions. he is not just specifically targeting one thing, one person, one issue, one race, one attitude, it's everything. so when you see the manifesto i think we almost spend too much time on it. what we have is a man that is loose, who has the capabilities and has shown the willingness to kill. and i think he's not getting the respect and the threat assessment that he deserves. we're treating him like your average, on the run, murder, mass murder suspect that has planned nothing. he's had four years to plan this. watch the big bear situation going on, and make no mistake, this suspect knows how big departments react to a threat.
7:36 am
they know they can't walk away if there is a possibility. he left the evidence of a possibility, and he knows that a tactical alert eats up manpower, it eats up energy and motivation, and i believe that is exactly what he's doing. alisyn: mark you make a good point about the manifesto, i can just say for people in the public and certainly the media it's interesting to get a window into the mind of someone who is accused of a murderous rampage. we try to figure out how to stop it in the future. he feels as though he was blacklisted by the lapd after i said he was a whistle-blower against another officer who used excessive force, and he says that the killing will stop when the lapd clears his name. what does the chief of police do about that? >> well he does nothing. he already said that is not going to happen, that is exactly how you deal with this. he is not any longer, you know, dealing with any logic or
7:37 am
reason. he has a focus. for four years he has built this up, and if we're going to say for four years he built up this anger, since he was fired, we need to say one other thing, nor four years he has been preparing for this moment. to think that he would simply burn his vehicle and go on foot, and this is going to be the end of it, i think would be ridiculous. he could have had multiple vehicles, locations, weapons -rpbg, arms, multiple places where he could go to hold up for days and weeks waiting for the tactical alert to subside, which it l. when you look at this i hear the reporter dominic talking about you can't survive in those conditions. i beg to differ. i live this those conditions and i will tell you with just a backpack you can live quite comfortably in subzero weather, so that is ridiculous to think somebody can't operate in that, but i don't think he is. he's certainly not going in and
7:38 am
getting gas and a slurpy at a 711. he's made plans so he doesn't have to take his very recognizable presence anywhere in public so he'll be reported or picked up on a video. they need to have a little bit more respect for what this man has probably planned. alisyn: we only have ra few second left but we know he has survivalist training. is it your believe that he will wait them out in the woods somehow? >> i think they'll wait him out, but i don't think he's in the woods any longer i. would suspect that he had a vehicle that was already prepared and by the time that vehicle started burning i was already on the road and all the law enforcement was sucked into that area, and he got out. alisyn: mark fuhrman, we appreciate you coming in with your expertise and we pray that this entire standoff ends soon. thank you. rick: switching gears for a minute new information on weapons recently intercepted in
7:39 am
yemen. fox news learning that the weapons came from iran and the regime is now escalating the arm's flow there as part of a broader pattern to destabilize the whole region. catherine herridge is live in d.c. what are we learning about this new shipment much weapons? eufrpblgts thank you, rick and good morning. a military stores says the shipments included circuits, wires, and packages silencers. and man portable weapons systems. this week on government tv in yemen the weapons were shown for the first time, iranian portable surface to air missiles. a recent briefing the defense department described the operation that intercepted a fishing vessel carrying the weapons. >> it was observed operating erratically and low in the water and ventured into yemeni
7:40 am
waters. a routine boarding was con tkeubgtd, arms were discovered. i think the yemenis have indicated what some of the weapons and material were. and we have crew statements that indicate that the point of origin was iran. >> reporter: a yemeni official told fox that the contents of the ship specifically these explosives were consistent with shipments they had seen from iran from regional poxees in past. rick: we mentioned in the lead in that this is part of a broader pattern on the part of iran, can you expand on that. >> the head of the house intelligence committee tells fox news that this weapons shipment is consistent with iran's pattern of bad behavior but the chairman now believes we may be entering another phase. >> this new chapter is with the chaos that you see in northern africa, with what you see happening in yemen is to escalate arms flow to try to destabilize that roads. why? they are feeling the pressure of sanctions, they are feeling the pressure of international
7:41 am
isolation, because of their pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> reporter: while iranian authorities are denying any involvement this week the bulgarians said they had strong evidence to believe that this bus bombing last year that killed five israeli tourbists was the work of hezbollah. they believe the smug hreufpbg these weapons and the uptick in plots linked to hezbollah reflect the fact that iran's longtime partner syria is under pressure, that that regime may ultimately fall depriving iran of that key ally,. rick: thank you. alisyn: as we've been telling you there are blizzard warnings in effect across the northeast. we've been following this monster storm for you. we'll bring you all the late is information on what areas will get hit hardest. what i want to know is what time is this all happening. rick: so you can get out of dodge. new information about the american pastor sentenced to eight years in a notorious iranian prison. ef was sentenced for being a christian.
7:42 am
while he fears supporters have abandoned him. >> they kept him illegally for five months and tortured him. being in such a horrendous prison eight years is a death sentence. anything can happen any day. her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson.
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alisyn: fox news alert for you now because a monster winter storm is closing in at this hour on the northeast. blizzard and winter storm warnings are in effect across the northeast. forecasters say this storm is going to be one of the biggest, strongest winter storms we have seen in a longtime. and it's going to be dangerous. hurricane-strength winds, up to three feet of snow in some cities, and possible coastal flooding. we are monitoring the storm, we'll bring you all the new information on which areas will be hardest hit and when. rick: brand-new concerns for the american pastor sentenced to eight years in a notoriously tough iranian prison.
7:46 am
his family says he's being tortured and being psychologically abused, and he's losing all hope of ever being able to return home to his family. jordan sekulow is executive director for the american center of law and justice the group leading the international effort to bring the pastor home. tell us about his state? what kind of information are you getting that leads you to believe that he's being tortured. >> sure, well his lawyer -- the day he was convicted, which was the 27th of january, this is lawyer said, listen, he looked horrible, an wanted to communicate that message to the pastor's wife who is here in the united states with their six-year-old daughter and four-year-old son. he's an american citizen here. he said listen he sounds all right, his mental health seems good, his spirit seems he's it for the fight and understands people around the world are trying to get him out and that's how you get out of this situation back to your family, but this past monday his family was able too do their weekly brief visitation, we are talking minutes, not ten minutes, under that, and for the first time
7:47 am
they said he was really fearful and a a little bit apprehensive, and kept asking, this is only within a week, are people still doing anything for me? are people still out there? tomorrow marks one month since he's been able to hear his wife's voice or daughter's voice. i think the mental side is getting to him. rick: how could it not. explain for people, jordan, this is an iranian man month converted to christianity, became an american citizen and we see pictures of them that we've been showing, looks like your typical american dad, pictures with him and his kids. he left his wife and children in the states to go back to eye traopb do what? >> to build an orphanage e. made an agreement in 200 at with the iranian government if he was going to go back and forth to see his family and do humanitarian work it could not be christian. he continue be out there building house churches or setting those up. he agreed. he says as part of his tkaourbgts he believed his faith
7:48 am
was to go there and this or fan afpblgt he was getting iran's final approval, going through the bureaucratic process, that's how he was on this trip. his wife wasn't worried about it. his kids had been there before. that's where his parents are, his brothers and sisters, they live in iran. this wasn't an unusual trip for him, nor was he some kind of zealot trying to make a political point or religious point for that matter and yet still he is treated as a national security threat, and the charge was he's a national security threat because he worked with house churches back in the early 200s. rick: because he was was allegedly trying to convert young muslim men to christianity which is a threat of course to the leadership of that country. talk to us about response here in the state we. have a new secretary of state fresh on the job. president obama, i think jay carney the other day said that the president condems what iran is doing 0 i doing in regards to the pastor. what kind of a reaction, what kind of a response and effort are you seeing on the part of
7:49 am
the u.s. government to help get this man freed and brought back home? >> the day that john kerry was confirmed by the u.s. senate he did more than our past secretary of state hillary clinton had done for pastor siad, an american citizen the seven months that we've been representing the family here in the united states. we are trying to work with the state department by following up on a question senator rubio asked and he deserves credit as well for focusing attention on the pastor. senator rubio submitted a written question saying, what will you do, and senator kerry at the time, now secretary of state said, i call for his immediate release, we will do more, and i know that senator rubio is working on that as well. he's going to make sure that -- you know, the secretary of state promised him that, and that that is going to follow-up and we've seen a change. i will tell you that just in that brief transition, it hasn't even been a full week. rick: i'm glad to hear that. there is a twitter hashtag you're promote tpoerg folks that
7:50 am
want to get more information about this case. the hashtag signed save siad on twitter. best of luck in your efforts. keep us posted, will you? >> thank you. alisyn: the rising cost of student debt leading to some drastic measures now. some of america's leading universities taking action against their own former students who cannot pay up. rick: a mother tphaoeupbdz a bizarre way to pass drugs onto her son in jail, and now she is behind bars too. ♪ [singing] hello?
7:51 am
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not have to tell you right now. a bizarre story of a mom who definitely does not know best. new york police say this nice-looking 54-year-old mom -- i'm so flustered -- she smuggled drugs to her son who is in jail. get this. she allegedly passed the painkillers to her son by kissing him on the mouth. alisyn: oh, boy. rick: she is pleading not guilty. authorities charged her son a 30-year-old man with criminal sale of a controlled substance. he remains in jail for an unrelated felony weapons charge. and i think we should let that story go. alisyn: disturbing on many levels. rick: on many levels. alisyn: we'll leave it there. all right there is another sign of the growing problem with student debt. some major universities are going after their former students in court, suing them to collect on loans that are overdue. here to tell us about this is liz clayman with the fox business network. >> reporter: this is more
7:55 am
interesting than the kissing mommy story. alisyn: these are big colleges. george washington university, jail university, aoufpbz pennsylvania are taking their students to court. >> reporter: hamee graduation, we are suing you. that is this story where universities like the ivy, such as yale and penn, and g. w. temple as well they have to sue students who are not paying back their perkins loan. this is a low interest loan of 5% for students and graduate students and for extraordinarily poor kids who are dying to go to college, have got even accepted but just can't pay for it. here is what is happening. they called together a whole bunch much other loans and some of those have higher interest rates so students are paying those back first defaulting in massive numbers on the perkins loans the issue is the universities, not the federal government are entrusted to get the money back. after they've exhausted all other efforts they've had to now file lawsuits against some of these kids for basic responsibility of paying back
7:56 am
these loans the numbers are staggering. these defaults are jumping. since 2005 to what just last year was a 20% jump more than a billion dollars in defaults when it comes to these loans, and the real issue becomes that those loans, once they are paid back go right back to the university which then distributes it to other students who are poverty level and need those loans so it becomes a vicious cycle but it speaks volumes about the fact that you graduate from yale you can't even get a good enough paying job to pay back a perkins loan. alisyn: this is a tough one, liz. do the schools hold any responsibility for sort of not seeing this coming? >> reporter: that is an excellent question because certainly you look at kid and you say if you were given a loan you have a basic responsibility to pay back this loan. and they are just not. however, the president of the united states has said that perkins loans should still be available but only to schools who really work hard to keep a lid on skyrocketing tuition. when you look at tuition at this
7:57 am
point it is jumping so much higher than the basic rate of inflation. why? because they can. because students will continue to borrow, they are desperate to have a yale degree, or a u penn degree and it's very sad, because in the end they know people will signe find a way to pay for the tuition, it keeps jumping higher and higher, for what? the responsibility in part is for universities to keep tuition down but also on kids to may back the loans university of california california not resorting at this point to suing but other universities are looking at that. they need the money back. alisyn: you're so right, liz, some of these private institutions $50,000 and upwards per year. >> reporter: crazy. alisyn: crazy. thanks so much. be sure to catch liz on countdown to the closing bell it heirs we can days at 3:00pm on fox business hour. rick: coming up 50 million people in the path of this monster blizzard where authorities are now telling folks to be off the streets by noon today. some areas could get three feet of snow, the latest on the storm's track straight ahead.
7:58 am
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